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Time Management Tips for Working Moms: An Interview with Laura Vanderkam

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"I don't have time!" It's such a common phrase that many of us actually believe it. But, if we actually break it down, we might discover that this line might be closer to a lie.

In this interview, speaker, author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam busts through the common lies and myths that we believe ("Women can't be successful at work AND have a family".. Hello??) and teaches how we can see time from a completely unique perspective! Her research has lead to breakthrough books like "What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast," "168 Hours" and "I Know How She Does it." Reading her books has changed my life and the way I spend my time,and I believe you'll find more freedom in the ideas that Laura shares in this interview!

Here are a few of the main ideas we covered!

2:48 What fascinated Laura about time management -- we all have the same basic building blocks, but choose to do different things with them

7:45 The most gratifying stories Laura hears from readers -- breaking through the lie that women can't be successful at both careers & families

8:30 How keeping a time log can bring our lives into greater focus

9:30 "If you want to spend your time better, you need to know where your time is going now" Tip to start making changes: keep a time log.

10:00 Why we should measure our lives in 168 hours vs. 24 hours

10:55 The "24 Hour Trap"

11:15 Numbers about how much time we actually have will blow your mind

12:50 Finding a balanced perspective between work and family

13:50 Getting rid of "mom guilt"

14:05 The coolest (and most surprising) thing that Laura has found in her research. Hint: It's about sleep!

16:23 How we interpret our own sleep patterns...and I found this to be true in my own time log too

17:30 Debunking cultural myths

18:04 "The stories we develop about our lives inform our choices."

19:30 What Laura believes that most people don't -- Hint: Expansion

22:00 "Look for what you can change instead of dwelling on what we can't."

"We tend our own gardens and any garden can get better."

Please connect with Laura at or catch her Podcast "Best of Both Worlds" and check out her great books!

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