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5 Ways to Love Well

What an honor to be interviewed on Jen Wagenmaker's 1M podcast because of our shared goals of reaching 1 million people! She asked lots of great questions about my experiences, faith & impact, but one of my favorites was this one: "What can you leave us with today as a challenge to implement on our evangelistic journeys?"

I promised that I would write a blog post elaborating on my here it is! To me, the biggest challenge can be summed up in two simple words: love well. Loving well is something that takes LOTS of work! It does NOT come naturally, but we must continue to work to cultivate the skills of loving those around us in a way that speaks to them. I made the video (6 minutes) above to explain these in more depth, but here are 5 ways to love those around you well:

1. Engage with their lives. Take the time to dig in to the lives of those on the journey with you. Know their fears, passions, dreams, & struggles.

2. Be authentic. Perfection is not inspiring, authenticity is. Inspiration comes more from the way you weather your lows than the way you breeze through your highs.

3. Me too, not you do. When you're identifying with someone's pain, approach from a "me too" point of view instead of just "you do."

4. Speak to their highest potential. Most of us have a distorted picture of ourselves, shrouded by doubt and fear. When you see something good in someone, speak it out and call them up to the next level! Help them see the possibilities!

5. Pray answers, not the problems. When you pray for someone, don't just repeat the problem. Pray powerful answers instead!

How are you growing in learning to love people well? Is it hard for you or does it come more naturally? What resources could you share with me that will help me in my journey? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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