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Your Life is a Letter!

“Your Life Is a Letter!” Do you ever feel like life has become just a series of duties that we do out of obligation? I do sometimes, but your life is much more than that.

Your life is a letter written on the hearts of humanity. When you pass from this earth, what you have taught your children, your grandchildren, your friends...that is what will remain with them long after you are gone.

Livy (my 10 year old) & I have been talking about legacy recently as we're reading a book called "Amos Fortune: Free Man" together for history (#homeschool) and it's true story about a man who leaves an incredible legacy. He was taken captive in Africa as a slave at 15 years old and remained a slave until he was 60. Then, he began to use his trade to save up money and buy other slaves to give them freedom! Can you imagine! What a legacy! What a letter!

When you are weary, remember that life is so much more than our simple obligations and duties. You are a living letter written to those around you, sharing and showing what is important! That is living!

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