Where Impressive Things Begin

March 31, 2018

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It is SO easy to look at what other people have & think we want THAT, but we fail to examine where it all originates from. Are we willing to pay THAT cost?


Impressive things begin in these two places that people often overlook: 



2:15 Will Smith shares what he believes keeps 99% of people from reaching their goals (Whoa!)


3:20 Starting with the unimpressive things


3:45 My husband (Damion Hamilton) has an "impressive"

job (photographing people like Condoleeza Rice or Kelly Clarkson), but here's the unimpressive job he did for the previous 10 years that has prepared him for this!


5:30 There's no substitute for hard work.  Here are some astounding numbers produced from masters like Shakespeare, Picasso, Mozart, Bach, Thomas Edison, Maya Angelou and even Jack Ma.


This chat is inspired by Will Smith, Christy Wright's Business Boutique Podcast, and Adam Grant's book "Originals" (whom my hubby has photographed also!)









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