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Empowering Interview with Alli Worthington!

“With God and Google we can take over the world!”

"Nobody, deep down inside, feels like they have their act together and that's normal, but if we take that as a sign that we should stop, we take ourselves out of the game before we ever get to play!!!!!"


Grab something to write with because Alli Worthington is talking! If you don't already know this dynamo, I'd love to introduce you to this sweet & spunky Tennessee mom of 5 boys, author, speaker, business coach & Executive Director of Propel Women. Listen closely as she digs deeper into overcoming fear (the topic of her brand new book "Fierce Faith"), how she maintains the courage to be vulnerable & authentic even through the hardest of times, & what she believes is the key to unlock your future potential!!

(SO SORRY FOR THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! Alli joins us about minute 5:30!)

I hope you are inspired and encouraged to keep moving forward to overcome your fears! Her words gave me a booster shot of courage and I think they will do the same for you!

For more resources, check out Alli's books "Breaking Busy" and "Fierce Faith" and join the "Fierce Faith Summit" to strengthen your faith and hear how industry leaders like Dale Partridge, Christy Wright, Bianca Olthoff, Jenni Catron, Lara Casey and 13 other top achievers are overcoming their own fears.

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