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5 Tips to Rock Live Video!

I know all you bloggers, entrepreneurs and speakers out there have something important to say! One of the best ways to expand your reach right now is through live video like FBlive or IG stories.....but it can be so scary, intimidating & awkward (especially for us introverts, right?). Anybody can learn to press the right buttons, but it's really the internal things that keep us from going live.

What held me back from doing live video was a mindset that everything had to be perfect--my hair, my makeup, my house, the background. I mean, I'm a work-at-home mom that lives in exercise clothes & almost never puts on makeup during the week, so I never thought I could do video! lol! I was shocked at what happened when I did my first live video....straight from the gym, hair jacked up, face red, house messy. (Find out more about it in #3). But now, after hundreds of videos, I can tell you that most of things we fear and what holds us back is truly a matter of mindset and simple preparation. Believe me, if I can do live video, so can you!

Here are five tips that will help you conquer Facebook live and IG Stories like a pro!


If one of your big obstacles to doing live video is feeling like you have nothing to share, I created a FREE PDF to help you generate ideas! To get “10 Live Video Content Ideas," go to & subscribe! It will come right to your inbox!

Myth #1: I don't have the right equipment!

Solution: Keep it simple. (3:10)

You already have the two things you need to get started--a phone and a window! That's it. You don't need a fancy light or equipment. Just face the window (As a photographer, I can tell you that natural light smoothes out complexions and wrinkles) and go for it. This is the view I was getting from this window light:

Myth #2: I say "um" too much!

Solution: Have a plan! (4:50)

That will cut down on the "ums" and blank, awkward time. I always jot down bullet points on a Post It Note to refer to. Take a few minutes ahead of time to think out what you want to say & it will make the process so much less awkward.

Myth #3: Everything has to be perfect.

Solution: Keep it authentic. (6:10)

Don't worry so much about the setting! You don't have to have the picture-perfect background or even look "perfect" yourself. Authenticity inspires others, perfection does not. This is what held me back from creating live videos forever, but once I got over it, I realized that people would rather see my real, messy life with kids interrupting and honest moments with no make up than have everything be "just right."

You will never achieve perfection and it's live video--things WILL go crazy sometimes, like the time a fly flew in my mouth during a broadcast or the time my ENTIRE (hour long) interview with Sarah Lane didn't record and we had to start all over again. But you know what, I don't think anybody unfollowed me because those things happened!

Myth #4: I don't know how to talk to the camera. Solution: Look at the dot and talk like your best friend is on the other side of that dot! (9:30)

This is why video is perfect for introverts---it's one on one with your camera, something that introverts excel at! Talk to the camera like it's your BFF listening!

Myth #5: I'm not good at live video.

Solution: Practice, practice, practice. (10:30)

You weren't born knowing how to do live video were you? No! Doing this process over and over is the one thing that is going to make you better at it. You will mess up. You will have bad broadcasts and triumphant broadcasts. It's all okay as long as you KEEP PRACTICING. It will get easier, I promise. And after a while, people will say...."Wow, you're so gifted at this"....and most of it is just because you practiced and honed your skills!

BONUS Myth #6: I don't know what to talk about!

Solution: Download your FREE “10 Live Video Content Ideas," by going to & entering your email right on the front page.

I know you can do this! When you take the plunge, let me know so I can cheer you on!! Be brave! xoxoxo


PS: As I shared above, to start off with live video you only need a phone and a window. If you come to the place where you want to take it next level with some equipment, here is what I use (these are affiliate links--no cost to you, but I might earn a little change):

Lighting: Raya Octa 7-socket light. This is a 2 light setup, but I only use one.

Tripod: Manfrotto compact tripod and here's a tabletop tripod I found for $22!

Phone Mount for Tripod: Smartphone tripod adapter $30

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