Easy Formula for Finding Purpose

April 21, 2018


How this little gold nugget and visiting a handmade castle in Texas (Newman's Castle) reminded me of purpose! We don’t need to stress about whether we’re reaching our “purpose” or not...this formula makes it easy. Find your great joy to meet the world's great need. It doesn't need to be "important" or Earth-shattering, just touch the lives of those around you. No matter how "simple" you think your act is, it can be profound.


Here are the highlights! 


:40 Questions we ask ourselves about purpose


1:30 Our visit to the very real Newman's Castle! Such an amazing experience!


2:40 Our "knights" getting the gold


3:30 Formula for Purpose


4:08 Why your "great joy" matters


4:40 It doesn't have to be earth shattering


5:04 How baking cakes makes a difference


5:35 "I Did" & "I Do" vs "I am" 


6:00 Just be





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