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10 Life-Changing Lessons Learned in the Last 10 Years

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I recently had my 43rd birthday, so I decided to share some of the life-changing things I've walked through and learned over the last 10 years! Let’s get real about everything from parenting to wine to love and self care. This is possibly my most revealing and raw video to date. :) I've listed the simple version below with minutes added in case you want to dive into the backstories behind each one!

1. Wine -- Wine is not just a beverage. (Minute 2:45)

2. Leap of Faith -- The scariest leap of faith may become your biggest blessing. (4:15)

3. Self care -- No one will take care of you. You have to do it. (5:55)

4. Parenting--They were right. (6:35)

*8:53* Impromptu concert by yours truly--haha (What was I doing?) Don't expect too much! lol!

5. Disadvantages -- If framed the right way, what looks like your biggest disadvantage can be a huge advantage. This changed the way I saw my daughter's dyslexia. (9:40)

6. Love -- Love is a choice, not a feeling. (11:38)

7. Partnerships -- Unequally yoked partnerships (business, friendship, dating, marriage) will bring grief. (13:30)

8. Struggles -- More people are struggling than you know. You are not alone. I learned this through my struggles with anxiety, panic disorder, and even marriage. (14:25)

9. Thoughts -- Your thought life has the power to change your entire life. 1) If you knew the power of a negative thought, you would never have another one. 2) Gratitude changes the way you see the world. (16:10)

10. Age -- The halves of our life are not equal. (18:10)

11. (Bonus) Perception -- The way we see ourselves is not usually reality. (20:00)

If you agree or disagree with any of these, let me know! I'd love to hear what you have learned in the last 10 years too!

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