One hour weekly every Wed 3/11 - 4/1/20 | All classes online!

Easy Podcasting Master Class March 2020

Podcasting the easy way! You have a message. It's time to take it to the world! At the end of this four week course (one hour per week class time), you'll be ready to launch your own podcast and create episodes, spending less than 1 hour per episode from record to publish.

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One hour weekly every Wed 3/11 - 4/1/20
All classes online!

About the Event

How many times have you thought about starting a podcast? What’s holding you back? Wondering if you have the right equipment? Not sure how to set it up? Wondering if you have enough time? 


These are all things that held me back too. I was so intimidated by the technology piece! My friend told me that podcasting was easy. I didn't believe her. I should have because she was right. It's easier than you think, once you get the pieces into place. If this non-techy, middle aged mom can do it, so can you!   I’ve taken hundreds of dollars & hundreds of hours & boiled them down into the easiest way to podcast — from record to publish in less than 1 hour per episode.    Class is one hour each week online, for four weeks. Every session is recorded for later viewing in case you have to miss class. After every class session, you'll receive an email from me with the link to the recorded class & some "homework."  The "homework" is step by step instructions for the steps you'll want to take that week if you want to launch at the end of the course.  If you're not ready to launch -great! Just hold on to all the tools and you'll have them when you're ready! 


 Here's what you'll learn in the EASY PODCASTING MASTER CLASS:   -why you can do this  -how you may already have all the equipment you need to get started  -technology simplified  -easiest way to record, interview and edit  -how to get on all output channels you want (itunes, Spotify, etc)  -multiply your network impact  -getting the guests you want on the show  -asking the right questions  -nailing your target audience  -marketing your podcast for success


Bring the kids, put them on your lap while you watch, learn, listen & share at your computer. In addition to each week's detailed notes & a recorded video of every class, you will also get a 30 minute phone call with me during our Mastermind AND access to our private support community on FB. 


Here are some reviews from past participants: 


"Thanks Julie Hamilton for the support and classes. Ladies and gentlemen these classes will get you in the right track and set you forward into your podcast adventures !  Thanks again! And also Aug 28th (2019) is the official launch date of FreeWill Talkin Podcast ! You can see the outcome of this wonderful mastermind class!"  

Will G 


"Hi Julie! 

Thank you so much for this amazing class!! You are absolutely extraordinary! I’m so grateful for you and all the incredible information you shared.  I’m still catching up! And I am so bummed I wasn’t able to make our last call but I will catch up and be talking with you very soon!" 



"Julie Hamilton Thank you so much!! We are so excited! Your class is amazing and so informative. I look forward to talking and sharing with you more."



"I loved this class!! Julie, you make it so simple! 💜💜💜I’ve enjoyed your podcast course and can’t wait to launch my podcast!"



"It's been such a great class! I can't wait to launch mine!"



Join the journey today & let your voice be heard around the world!

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