Why does it take until we're 40 to really figure out what we're on this planet for? It doesn't have to, but it did for me! When I was 40, I realized that I had used my voice for many people besides myself.  My identity was always as somebody's mom or wife! My email was under my husband's name because of our business and seriously, I even wrote a book in someone else's name too! But I finally figured out that I have a voice and want to use it to make a difference! I have lots to share and my purpose in life is to encourage other people.  It's just what I'm good at & gifted for. 

One of my life goals is to encourage 1 million people in the decade before I turn 50.  I'm 2 years in & still working on this goal daily.  This is why I've created this website!

I want to share the pure power of changing your mindset and how it can change your life...the quality, the length of it, the joy that you find in it! When I was about 30, I hit a major mental roadblock with severe anxiety (it took every ounce of strength I had to even leave the house to go into the driveway) & a lifetime diagnosis of panic disorder. Fortunately, I've been healed from that and I'm not suffering anymore, but it was just the beginning of my journey to understanding the power of the mind on our bodies, our health, and our future! That is why I use words to change the way you see yourself and the future that is ahead of you!  It's all about what you see, accept, and believe! Words build worlds! 

I was born for such a time as this & so are you!

Living and working with my talented & hilarious hubby, Damion Hamilton, and 2 girls here in Napa, CA is pretty much the greatest way to experience beauty every single day. I try hard not to take it for granted. My formal education is as a teacher, but I've been homeschooling & helping run a business for the last 12 years, so that takes up most of my time. :) Here are some things you might be surprised to know about me: 1) I am actually an introvert (that likes people!) 2) I like to watch MMA 3) My favorite TV show is American Ninja Warrior.  What can I say...I just like circumstances where the underdog has the chance to be the champion!

This momma is fueled by coffee, exercise, Jesus, Propel Women & unfortunately dark chocolate (especially if it has caramel & lots of sea salt!)

That's me in a nutshell!

Photo Credit: Sarah Lane with Sarah Lane Studios 

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