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"Thanks Julie Hamilton for the support and classes. Ladies and gentlemen these classes will get you on the right track and set you forward into your podcast adventures !  Thanks again! And also Aug 28th (2019) is the official launch date of FreeWill Talkin Podcast ! You can see the outcome of this wonderful mastermind class!"  

Will G 


"I loved this class!! Julie, you make it so simple! 💜💜💜I’ve enjoyed your podcast course and can’t wait to launch my podcast!"



"It's been such a great class! I can't wait to launch mine!"




Dear friends, thank you so much for stopping by this page! It is in the midst of a complete revamp and redirection, so I appreciate your patience with me! While you're here, check out some of the most popular podcast episodes AND if you're interested in starting your OWN podcast, check out my course - Easy Podcasting Master Class! It's an online course I originally designed for busy moms who have something to say (but I've had so many dads that I had to change the title)!


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As always, I believe in you and I am here to remind you that you are loved just the way you are (that's called grace) so go live your big, amazing, beautiful lives. 


Love, Julie 


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